Central Regional Dental Testing Service

Over 50 Years of Dental and Dental Hygiene Testing Excellence!


What is the CARE Program?

Our CARE program offers comprehensive remediation and re-education for state boards and individual licensees or students. Covering both dental and dental hygiene, our experts offer professional evaluations and instruction tailored to your needs.

CRDTS’ Professionals are highly educated and trained to assist state dental and dental hygiene boards as well as practicing professionals. Even students can polish their knowledge and skills to be the best they can be.

What is Included?


Fine tune your thinking and skills to align with those of your co-workers, employees and/or students. When we are all on the same page, we work better together!


Get the direction you need to align with your practice act. Our strength in data analysis and implementing professional protocols will help you succeed.


Refine your knowledge and/or the hand skills you were taught. Our re-education and re-training options are fully customized to refresh or improve clinical technique.


Receive instruction that will help you be your best! Our experts in Dental and Dental Hygiene provide exceptional continuing education programs of the highest standards.

"Definitely an enjoyable experience. I felt very supported and clear with the directions and instructions given."

Our CARE Facility

The CRDTS hand skill exercises and pre- and post-assessment evaluations are given at the newly developed CRDTS Education Facility in Topeka, KS.

Contact us for more information:

(785) 273-0380 | info@crdts.org