Central Regional Dental Testing Service

Over 50 Years of Dental and Dental Hygiene Testing Excellence!

About Us


We began offering our exams in 1969 for Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma candidates. We’ve continued to grow and expand since then, becoming a recognized leader in dental and dental hygiene examinations, with wide acceptance across the country.

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Why Choose CRDTS?


For over 50 years we’ve been a mainstay in national clinical testing as a pathway toward licensure. CRDTS is governed by our Member State Dental Boards and State Dental Commissions that regulate dental and dental hygiene licensure. Together, the CRDTS Members and CRDTS professionals develop and administer fair, valid, and reliable examinations to assess the competency of candidates wishing to practice dental and dental hygiene.


CRDTS examinations are recognized and accepted in over 40 states nationwide and that number is expected to increase.


CRDTS is dedicated to continuing the commitment of excellence in testing with integrity and professionalism by continually assessing and enhancing the content of our examinations and ensuring a fair and level playing field for all candidates.

Key benefits:

  • Patient based and simulated patient exams
  • Same-day results and on-site retakes for most exams
  • Insurance is included for all candidates
  • Independent testing sites available for your convenience

Our Staff

Richael “Sheli” Cobler

Executive Director

Kim Laudenslager, RDH, MPA

Communication and Education Director

Mark Edwards, DDS

Director of Dental Examinations


Kelly Mandella, RDH, MS

Director of Dental Hygiene Examinations


Trelawny Saldana, RDH

Assistant Director of Dental Hygiene Examinations


Catrice Opichka, RDH

Programs Coordinator


Renee’ Gideon

Office and Accounts Manager


Shanee’ Askren

Exam Administration and Information Technology Manager


Amelia Hursey

Accounts and Administrative Specialist


Katrina Gomez

Materials Coordinator and Exam Administration Assistant


Our Executive Committee

Otto Dohm, DDS


Deena Kuempel, DDS

President Elect

Andrew Johnston, RDH

Vice President

Lisa Kucera, RDH


Rod Hill, DDS

Executive Chair Dental Examinations

Janine Sasse-Englert, RDH, MS, DHEd

Executive Chair Dental Hygiene Examinations

Our History

It all started in 1969, when our first simultaneous board was given at the UMKC School of Dentistry. Three years later, we held our first exam at Creighton University as Central Regional Dental Testing Service.

In the decades that followed, we continued to refine our testing process and grow in our acceptance nationwide. We’ve adopted technologies along the way that have allowed us to set the standard for convenient and reliable exams.

In recent years, we've added more options for greater convenience and flexibility for our candidates:

  • Simulated exams
  • Local anesthesia
  • Restorative auxiliary
  • Dental therapy
  • Independent testing sites

We continue to build on this history of innovation to remain at the forefront of the dental exam community well into the future!

Topeka Education Facility

Available for Remediation/Reeducation and Independent Exams

Proud to Collaborate with Industry Leaders